Naturism, Seclusion and Using Cell Phones at Nudist Resorts

The Ever Present Fear Of Using Cell Phones at Naturist Resorts
Cell Phones at Nudist Resorts – Being naked is gloriously amazing. Being nude of my cell phone? Nightmare! Yet prohibiting cell phones is becoming common practice at naturist resorts and results. This may make complete sense to an elderly individual who desires to prevent their image from being uploaded to some of the insane websites that are so easy to find, but to a young person, this kind of policy is reason to not even consider going to a nudist locale.
The topic of cell phones at naturist resorts (and other electronic devices) is a popular one in the naturist community right now and it is url for us young folks to take a stand and offer a solution that will sound right to everyone.
As is becoming the custom, Naturist Portal will be on the forefront in finding solutions to the issue. Why? Because we are going to discuss ideas then present options to clubs and those people who are instrumental in the naturism community as opposed to form an ineffectual committee to examine this for ten years and never come to a resolution.
That is an area within naturism that simply can not wait as we see so few young individuals within naturism in general (outside of FKK) and creating policies against electronic devices will only deter young people from visiting nudist locations even more!
Cell Phones at Naturist Resorts
Let us start with a fun review of the facts, shall we? In accordance with data, spending on cell phones is now higher than spending on landlines in the united states. Nearly 85% of all adults possess a cell phone. On the list of young adults, 94% of those ages 18-34, 92% of those ages 35-46; by comparison, 48% of those over the age of 75 own a cell phone. As those people who use a cell phone frequently understand, the cell phone isn’t only a cellphone and the talking attribute actually is one of the less-used features.
Instead, the cell phone is employed for texting, web use, checking e-mail, playing games, taking pictures, listening to music, reading novels, calculating numbers, making lists, checking the stats on sports, and a lot more.
Data on the age those who go to nudist campgrounds or are members of nudist campgrounds are available, but my own informal study of numerous naturist camps on the East Coast of America- done with my individual eyes- indicates that most members and visitors are over the age of 60 and the percent of people who participate in nude recreation at naturist camps decreases as the age decreases.
Young people may be present, but they generally signify a considerably smaller fraction of the naturist public than those who are older. You will find many possible reasons for young people to postpone their first socially bare experience, including finances, fear, and lack of peers, which will be discussed in other blogs.
Cell Phones at Naturist Resorts and Privacy Issues
The question, then, is what the numbers and tips mean. First, since nudist resorts are businesses and they wish to keep their membership numbers up, the camps are most probably going to honor the desires of individuals who are old before they honor the desires of the younger crowds: there’s power in numbers and, in a naturist location, there’s cash in the amount of elderly folks.
Second, because there are fewer older folks using cell phones, there’s a higher likelihood they don’t recognize how much the younger people do on the cell phone.
For many older folks, a cell phone is there to make phone calls and, since they all have cameras in them now, to take images. From my point of view, there’s a certain dearth of knowledge of all the crazy things the younger generation does on the cell phone and there’s also a lack of comprehension that young people really feel nervous or emotionally distressed when separated from their cellphone. There’s actually a term for the tremendous panic of this: nomophobia.
As numerous clubs contemplate a prohibition on cell phones either totally or in certain places, I’m convinced that we, as Youthful NaturistsandYoung Naturists America, can help the clubs to find a practical solution while we help ourselves, who do not want to be without the cell phones. (It should also be noted that all electronic devices are being considered in many of the bans, including the Kindle/Nook, iPad, and everything else that could have .)
Cell Phones and Photography at Nudist Resorts

My first thought of having a pouch for cell phones at nudist resorts that they must stay in while in public areas (pool, hot tub, etc.) may or may not make sense. It appeared like a great idea to me, as I envisioned it to be like the old thick-plastic pencil cases from my childhood to ensure it couldn’t shoot pictures through the pouch but it’d be open-able so that we can use the cellphone to assess a text, caller id, or change the song on our MP3 player.
So now we turn to you: what solutions can you all come up with for this issue of cell phones at nudist resorts? It would be fantastic to find a solution that’s agreeable to everyone and we need your input to develop a listing of ideas to suggest to clubs for our sake and for the sake of the future of naturism. Now I Will be quiet it’s your turn to speak.
Cell Phones at Nudist ResortsBy Melissa of Young Naturists and Young Nudists America FKK
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