How I Started Accepting My Nude Body

(Guest Body Image Blog) Of The Semi Naked Faculty Party That Helped In Taking My Naked Body:
Taking My Naked Body – I have always been self conscious about my body. I was never able to walk around comfortably at school for anxiety about being made fun of. My body was something to be concealed, shameful and god forbid – revealed in public.
During high school, I began working on improving my self esteem. I worked on my positive affirmations and I told myself everyday that I was exquisite, even if I did not believe it. As the days turned into weeks, I began to notice that looking at my naked body in the mirror was becoming easier. I started to feel more and more comfortable being naked (by myself). That said, the thought of someone else seeing my naked body was still no option. All this changed once I got to school.
Accepting My Nude Body
Once I started college, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of folks I considered beautiful. It looked like everyone was slim, confident and attractive. How was I going to live here???
I discussed with some close friends about the issue. My friends asked me what I thought of people who didn’t do their make up every morning or who weren’t thin enough to be a model. I told them I didn’t think any differently of them and that they were only people if you ask me. My friends asked me why I believed that people would think differently of me. I didn’t have an answer.
Subsequently it came to me Most people usually do not care what you look like. And if they do, who cares! If they did not like my appearance, they didn’t have to look. After that, my confidence increased. It was a slow process, but it was working.
I ‘d never been comfortable attending parties at my university. So many of them were pajama parties, knickers celebrations and even naked parties. If I was just starting to feel comfortable looking at my nude body, how was I going to show to anyone else?
Then came the day when I was invited to some school Halloween party. The flyer said “less is more if you know what I am talking about.” My friends had helped me so much in raising my self-esteem which I believed, “why not!” That night, I had my first experience with social nudity. I wore some risque lingerie as my Halloween costume. Virtually everything was showing! I was afraid people were going to look at me like some sort of freak. I was scared they were going to laugh and tell me to go home. But they did not. Just about everyone else was dressed like I was. Some were even fully nude and a few were covered in only body paint. They were all just having a good time – partying and laughing. It was a great evening. I left the party feeling more assured than ever. My nude body, or at least most of it, was seen by strangers, yet no one laughed or ran away in horror.
I do not know if I will ever rid myself of my body image issues. Nor am I confident that I will ever have the ability to take a look at my nude body with complete acceptance. What I do understand is that my first encounter with public nudity was a interesting one. One that helped me in my on-going procedure for raising my self esteem and self acceptance (if not “body love”).
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